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Aron Bulgaria EAD is the first and only manufacturer in Bulgaria of aluminum ladders and scaffolding. The company deals with wholesale Household and Professional Aluminum ladders and scaffolds.

In the start of 2015 we started manufacturing HOUSEHOLD Aluminum ladders with high quality and reliability.

In June 2016 we developed and launched on the market a range of Aluminum Extension and Multipurpose Ladders - HOBY.

In the first week of 2017 we released the first Aluminium Scaffolds.

By the end of 2017 we will release more new products:

1. PROFESSIONAL Extension Aluminum ladders - PROFI & SUPER PROFI 12, 14, 16 rungs

2. Aluminium scaffold - PROFI with 10 m working height.

3. Fiberglass Ladders

The purpose of our company:

Producing high quality products that meet European standards.

All our products pass standardization tests in a EU certified laboratory and are accompanied by a certificate

they meet the European standard EN131 with endurance up to 150 kg.


+ 359 32 675 507
+359 878 571 333
+ 359 32 675 530