Bulgaria 55 "Solunska" St., 1000, Sofia
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Barzi Vrati Ltd. is the first and only Bulgarian manufacturer of industrial high speed doors. We are on the market since 2008. The products we develop and supply are in the middle and upper class according to the world standards. Still we manage to keep an adequate pricing for the region. Our doors would open and close as you like it and whenever you please, hundred times per day with the speed of 1.5 m/s. They utterly reduce temperature loss and dust penetration in your workshop without delaying the transition of people and machines. Since we develop our own software for the doors all kinds of settings and work regimes are available. We also provide full service to our products, free of charge for the first 3 years, and as an exception we would maintain German or Italian fast doors when the distributor repudiate this obligation.
Do contact us and you will get all the benefits of the industrial high speed doors plus one!   


+ 359 2 951 6126
+ 359 2 951 6126