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Ekopanely boards are ecological vapour permeable construction panels produced at high temperatures and under high pressure to create a core of compressed straw using no bonding agents and then the core is enclosed using recycled cardboard. The low CO2 emission production process ensures Ekopanely board is a construction material with a negative carbon footprint. Straw is the cost effective raw material that assures Ekopanely board is an inexpensive building element suitable for affordable housing with an ultra-low running cost. Straw is a non-toxic and harmless building material creating a safe living environment and natural climate. Ekopanely boards are 100% recyclable, fire-resistant, have sound-dampening properties, are robust and mechanical durable, accumulate heat and insulate very well. Ekopanely board is one of the most eco-friendly construction materials ideal for the low impact building developments and also for a wide range of constructions.



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