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1. Products for construction and repair

1.1. "DISPOVIT" ® - emulsion paints are already over 25 years in every home and office. White and in color - 40 colors in factory production, NEW- "DISPOVIT"® - SILICA – with longstanding, lasting effect and "DISPOVIT"® WITH SILVER IONS Ag + , resistant to mold, fungi and bacteria; building primers: impregnating, deep penetrating, water repellent, sealing, blocking and concrete primer-contact;

1.2. Energy-efficient, protective, decorative, facade, thermal insulation systems, meeting the legal requirements, offering a variety of colors, providing a guarantee;
1.3. Effective paints and varnishes for interior and exterior designing decoration and architectural color decoration of residential and public buildings;

1.4. Acrylic, silicone and silicate façade paints and plasters-white and in color;
1.5. Paints and coatings for lying over concrete and tiles, for swimming pools, and hydroinsulation of wet premises;

2. Special paints and varnishes and protection of concrete and metal

2.1.TEХHOЛАК/TECHNOLACK - primers, NEW-ZINC SILICATE, paints and corrosion protection systems - STEEL GUARD "3 in 1", METAL GUARD W”2in 1”, epoxy-2K, polyurethane-AK-2K, structural-2K, chlorine-rubber, alkyd-urethane and alkyd-styrene;

2.2. Alkyd paints, varnishes and primers;

2.3. Acrylic paints, varnishes and primers for metal and concrete;

2.4. Special-purpose paints, providing thermal resistance and UV protection;

2.5. NEW - Special-purpose paints, providing fire protection – Fire proof insulation composition NOVOTERM composition

2.6. Industrial paints and coatings, epoxy self-leveling floors for food and tobacco industries, and other branches, horizontal and vertical marking paints, coatings for sports courts  and tennis courts;

3. Products for protection and decoration of wood
3.1. WOODY GUARD - insecticide primers and impregnators for wood, putties and adhesives, woodstains and azure varnishes, colored paints and enamel varnishes,  linseed oils for protection and decoration of Timber Structures and elements;
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