TECHNONICOL Ltd. branch Bulgaria

Bulgaria Andrey Germanov str. 11 fl.1, Terminal Militcer and Munh, 1336, Sofia
C 5

TECHNONICOL Corporation is one of the largest international manufacturers of reliable and efficient building materials. Offered by innovative technology company combine global experience and development of their own research centers. DESIGN cooperation with organizations and companies architecture allows TECHNONICOL flexible and operationally to respond to changes in technology in consumer inquiries.

TECHNONICOL Corporation today - 51 plants in 7 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy, UK), 18 Educational and 5 Scientific Centers, 21 offices in 17 countries. Production is delivered in more than 80 countries.

From 2015 TECHNONICOL opened its office in Bulgaria, which delivers its products through a distribution network. The company offers a wide range of products for building: rolled bituminous waterproofing materials, polymer synthetic membranes for flat roofs and foundations, insulation materials and composite shingles, liquid bitumen mastiks, materials for road construction.

Our main goal - maximum meet the needs of customers!

TECHNONICOL - equivalent to quality waterproofing, roofing, insulation and sound insulation materials and technologies for modern construction.


+ 359 2 405 33 05


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