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Asbelid is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of two Italian factories specializing in the production of thermal insulation materials. It offers several complex thermal insulation solutions intended for different parts of the buildings:

  1. Roof thermal insulation system ISOTEC - designed for isolation of pitched roofs. It provides both: high-performance thermal insulation; reliable waterproofing; vapor barrier; solid and strong lining; stable base for the roof tiles and high load capacity. ISOTEC is placed directly on the supporting structure and the roof tiles are placed on top of it.
  2. Multi-purpose Polyurethane (PIR) Boards EFIGREEN. They are used for thermal insulation of flat roofs, ceilings, floors, internal and external walls. They have an excellent coefficient of thermal conductivity λ = 0, 022W/m.k and significantly reduce the necessary thickness of the thermal insulation.
  3. Combined insulation for green roofs and foundations – GEMADRAIN. It is a perfect combination of extruded polystyrene (XPS), HPDE drainage membrane and geotextile layer. The three layers are factory glued, significantly facilitate installation, save time and labour costs and achieve high quality and efficiency.
  4. STIROBIT – combined thermal and hydro-insulation for flat roofs. It is a combination of expanded polystyrene (XPS) and polyester membrane. It avoids the need for reinforced plaster between the two layers and achieves fast installation and high efficiency. A perfect option for making new flat roofs or for repairing.
  5. STYRHOLZ – Innovative cement-bonded wood fibre boards. They are used for thermal and noise insulation of underground parking lots, exterior walls, etc. They do not need additional cover layer, but can be plastered or puttied.
  6. ISOTEC Linea – for roofs with plane steel sheets or facades.
  7. ISOTEC Parete – for ventilated suspended facades.


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