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AQUAPHOR Bulgaria is the official representative of AQUAPHOR in Bulgaria.

We deliver professional water treatment solutions to consumers and business customers.

Since 1992 Aquaphor develop and produce water filters under the brandname AQUAPHOR for wide range of purposes and conditions so that everyone can benefit from access to safe drinking water. Millions of families across 45 countries are using Aquaphor products:

– filter pitchers, faucet filters, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis drinking water systems,

– whole house filtration systems and water softeners,

– commercial water treatment systems for medical and scientific applications.


Making Aquaphor water filters takes deliberately looking for ways to eliminate the drawbacks of conventional water filters and outperform regulatory requirements. As a result we have developed the technologies to create durable, reliable and extremely effective water filters that are easy to use in real-world conditions around the globe.

From idea to product — Aquaphor do everything themselves. It requires efficient technologies, the right materials and quality control at all stages of manufacturing.The entire production process is carried out on our facilities in Europe, USA, Russia and China. It is the only way to make the highest quality product for you.

Own production allows them to

— Use higher-quality materials and efficient technologies without making filters expensive;

— Constantly improve products by implementing new developments;

— Control quality at all stages of production to make more reliable filters;

— Better meet your expectations.


Aquaphor undergoes annual certification according to ISO 9001 standard, and our filters got NSF and LGA certificated. All technologies are patented.


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