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"Bonita Effect" Ltd is a manufacturer of stretch ceilings BONITA

- Manufacture and installation with a 10 year warranty.

- The company is a market leader over 10 years, with more than 4000m² made stretched ceilings nationwide.

- We have a wide range of colors in stock, ensuring prompt and quality installation throughout the country.

- We are manufacturer of: acoustic ceilings and walls; ceilings with photorealistic printing; mirror ceilings and many others.

 "Bonita Effect" Ltd is the official importer of French electric radiators "Campa" and "APPLIMO" France.

- We are the official importer of those brands for Bulgarian market for more than 16 years.

- The radiators are fully developed and manufactured in France with eight years full warranty.

- Wide range of appliances for home heating and industrial heating.

- We have availability in stock and we can meet the needs of both households and industry, hotels, restaurants and others.

 "Bonita Effect" Ltd is the official importer of Designer radiators and towel rails "HAMMAM" produced in Turkey.

- Radiators and towel rails of the highest quality, with a unique design.

- The devices come with up to 10 year warranty.

- Ability to work in a water system and also with heating element in the electric network.

- Wide range of proposals: stainless steel appliances, models with polished and brushed surfaces, appliances with wood items, appliances with glass facade, with a natural stone and many others.

 "Bonita Effect" Ltd  is an official importer of industrial, decorative 3D floors and walls of the world's Italian

brand "Pava Resine" for Bulgaria.

 - Decorative Floors (Self-leveling Coatings, Cement Imitation Coatings, Transparent Epoxy Resin)

- Industrial Floors (Anti-dusting coatings, Thin Layer and Thick Film Coatings, Decorative Coatings, Horizontal Marking).

- Bonding elastic coatings, Decorative and industrial walls, Waterproofing (polymer and artificial coatings).

- Restoration of concrete, wood and iron.

- Certification coatings for the food industry.


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