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RADOP was established in 1992 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is an independent organization, which operates in an integrated manner with the companies it represents. The heritage acquired by our company, holds an important position within the Italian world of furniture. This presents a major strength of RADOP, which it shares with the group resources, basic organization and a system of related services.

Our main targets in the contract market are hotels, residential and office buildings. We export volumes in the high market segment.

JR Project was established in 1995 in Sofia Bulgaria, as a parts of the "RADOP" group of companies. It is focusing on interior design and architecture. The design of each project is reviewed regularly, both formally and informally, under the direction of the Design Board, which is led by Chairman arch. Juliana Staneva.

As part of "RADOP GROUP", "NORDCON" aims at providing full engineering solutions for curtain walls, cladding, doors and windows. The company was established in the 2005 to expand Radop's scope of reach on the construction market.NordCon has become a valuable contact for architects, general contractors and investors. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions for all market sectors – from private homes to commercial and industrial projects. The architectural systems that our partners have provided us with, meet all EU requirements for energy efficiency, security, comfort and design which conform to the most demanding and exacting quality standards.


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