Bulgaria 1870, Sofia, Kremikovtsi
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Xella Bulgaria Ltd. has been on the Bulgarian market for nearly a quarter of a century and is part of the Xella Group - the world's leading manufacturer of wall and drywall construction materials that have proven their worth over the years - the YTONG aerated concrete blocks and the Multipor thermal insulation boards. Xella with headquars in Duisburg/Germany, has 95 manufacturing factories in 20 countries and trade organizations in more than 30 countries.


Two factories operate in Bulgaria - YTONG in Sofia and Multipor in Dobrich and the produced materials are exported to more than 10 countries from Europe and the Middle East.


The priority directions in which Xella Bulgaria Ltd. operates are energy efficiency, environmental protection and the creation of buildings which provide high quality of life.


Since its establishment in 1994 with the purchase of a factory in Sofia, the company has so far invested more than BGN 80 million and a significant part of these amounts is aimed at introducing innovative technologies and know-how, ensuring high quality of the produced materials according to all world production and environmental standards.


The YTONG aerated concrete blocks are manufactured using ecological, waste-free and energy-saving technology from the following raw materials: quartz sand, pure clinker cement, quicklime and water. They have the highest grade of reaction to fire - Euroclass A1 and have the best thermal insulation ability among the widely used masonry materials in Bulgaria. They provide over 10% lower bills for heating in winter and natural coolness during the summer. Over the years they do not change their quality, they have increased sound insulation and at the same time the ability to "breathe", which helps to prevent the appearance of mold in the rooms.


In Europe, MULTIPOR has been in use for 20 years, with more than 15 million m2 of area isolated with the innovative material so far. Bulgaria is the second country in the world where the innovative material is produced. Thermal isolation with Multipor maintains all year round the required wall surface temperature to provide the most favorable room temperature for the season without leaving the comfort zone for the occupants.

The mineral thermal insulation boards guarantee absolute security in case of fire with Class A1 fire resistance. Due to their high degree of incombustibility, in the event of fire, the plates are not flammable, do not emit harmful gases and help stop the fire.


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