Bulgaria 62 G.S.Rakovski Str., 1000, Sofia
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- Designer pools BIODESIGN - Italy

- ready-made modular pools

- Hydromassage tubs and spa pools MAAX SPAS - USA

- Equipment for swimming pools PENTAIR

- Finnish and infrared saunas EOS-Germany, HELO and HARVIA - Finland

-Steam baths made-to-order

-Design and construction of spa centers

- Roof structures for swimming pools

- Automation of existing pools

-Gas fire effects for swimming pools


-Designer wood- and gas-fired fireplaces FOCUS - France and PIAZZETTA - Italy

- Gas Fireplaces BELLFIRES – the Netherlands, KALFIRE – the Netherlands, ELEMENT 4 –the Netherlands

-Fireplaces for heating with air ducts and water jacket PIAZZETTA-Italy

-Pellet-fired Fireplaces PIAZZETTA - Italy

- Pellet stoves PIAZZETTA and SUPERIOR - Italy

- Designer wood-fired stoves PIAZZETTA - Italy

- Designer modular barbecues and furnaces SUNDAY - Italy

- Unique fireplaces made-to-order and gas fire effects BOLEY – the Netherlands  


- Pellet boilers PIAZZETTA - Italy, combined pellet and wood boilers TATANO - Italy

- Smart Heating Solutions

Representative of:

PIAZZETTA - Italy (fireplaces and stoves)

SUPERIOR - Italy (fireplaces and stoves)

FOCUS CREATION - France (designer fireplaces)

KALFIRE the Netherlands (gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces)

BELLFIRES- theNetherlands (Gas fireplaces)

ELEMENT 4 the Netherlands (designer gas fireplaces)

SUNDAY - Italy (designer modular barbecues and furnaces)

BIODESIGN POOLS - Italy (design pools)

PENTAIR USA (equipment for swimming pools)

MAAX SPAS - USA-(hot tubs, spa pools)

TATANO - Italy (Pellet boilers)

SKYMIRROR POOL - Romania (composite pools)

GRAF POOL - Spain (composite pools)


BG MUSIC CHANNEL is a specialized Bulgarian national television with a focus on music  and entertainment.

BG MUSIC CHANNEL launched their broadcasting on 01.06.2013. It emits a multicast signal in two formats – SD 16:9 and FULL HD.

BG Music CHANNEL is a television channel for Bulgarian music, striving to be adequate for the tendency to increase the interest of different generations to the Bulgarian popular music.

BG Music CHANNEL has a 24-hour music program, 7 days a week, which plays only and solely Bulgarian music. The main styles covered in the program are Bulgarian pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, Dance, Club-Music and  evergreens.

In December 2016,  BG Music CHANNEL launched a BG Music Festival - a music forum, which aims to give a green light to the new wave in Bulgarian music.  They have organized the event BG Music Festival two years in a row.


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+ 359 888 88 46 41
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