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Profclean Bulgaria Ltd is specialized in the trade with dispensers and accessories for sanitary equipment, their storage, delivery to the site and installation.

We are importers of inox dispensers and accessories (soap dispensers, folding towels, toilet paper,  dryers, bins, brushes, wheelchairs, etc.) of the Spanish company Nofer,   ABS plastic dispensers of the Italian company Celtex and of the comanies Losdi, Lucart and Rulopak. We also  perform installation of aluminum profiled mats.

 As subcontractors of leading construction companies, we have supplied to sites such as malls, office buildings and factories. We have also equipped many medical centers, sports halls, offices and restaurants.

 We offer a variety of innovative solutions that save money when operating with them.

 Proficlean Bulgaria Ltd proved itself over the years as a leading factor in the field of the sanitary facilities and their maintenance.



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