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Biomass Energy Ltd. is the official representative of the Italian concern EDILKAMIN - a leader in the production of heating appliances throughout Europe.
After many years of experience on the Italian market in 2008. Bulgaria is a registered company with activity in the field of heating systems, which applies innovations in the field of renewable energy sources.
Founded in 1963, Edilkamin has become one of Europe's leading companies in the field of wood, pellet heating and alternative renewable energy.
It manufactures its products of high quality materials: Cast iron combustion chambers, cast iron housing and ceramics.
Heating systems feed radiators, underfloor heating and produce domestic hot water.
The products are made entirely of cast iron and steel (Made in Italy - Edilkamin)
With over 51 years of experience, Edilkamin is a leader in the production of heating appliances throughout Europe, the company produces its products in 5 factories in Italy abroad and many subsidiaries.
The company specializes in the production of fully automated pellet boilers, pellet fireplaces with water and air jacket, stoves from 6kW to 33kW, fireplaces / wood stoves with water and air jacket for domestic heating from 6kW to 29kW.



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