Bulgaria Sofia, 9, Boris Arsov Str.
C 4

WISNIOWSKI is a leader in the production of portal and garage doors, fire glass doors, fences and entry solutions for the home and industry. The Polish company is constantly improving its products and technological lines. The WISNIOWSKI Production Center is a guarantee of high added value and excellent standards. The constant improvements in skills, products and technological lines are complemented by the creation of products of impeccable quality. Thanks to the 25 years of experience, WISNIOWSKI has been able to set market trends. Each process and task is carefully considered and implemented using high-quality, next-generation materials and technologies. The Polish manufacturer's product range is certified and fully compliant with European standards. Some of WISNIOWSKI's most innovative products are:

  • fence systems - MODERN collection
  • entrance doors for the home - CREO
  • entrance doors for the home - NOVA
  • fences and gates for home and industry
  • glass fire doors EI30 and EI60
  • rolling shutters and sectional doors for the home and industry



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