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Knauf is a family-owned group of companies that manufactures building materials globally and employs more than 26,500 people across the world. Knauf Bulgaria was founded in 1993, but the Knauf Group dates back to 1932 when brothers Karl and Alfons Knauf started mining gypsum deposits in Germany.

Knauf has two manufacturing plants in Bulgaria - one for gypsum fiber board in Vidin and one for gypsum plasterboard in Mednikarovo, Galabovo municipality. Vidiwall & Vidifloor gypsum fibre boards and Cleaneo Akustik gypsum plasterboards, produced in Bulgaria, are being used in big and prestigious construction sites around the world. Knauf is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of modern drywall systems, plasters and accessories, thermal insulation systems, paints, floor screed, floor systems, and construction equipment and tools. Knauf is a synonym of gypsum – among construction experts and architects.


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