Bulgaria 1111 Sofia, 38, Geo Milev Str., 42/B, Edison Str.
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Company KOBO BG Ltd. is exclusive distributor and service for Bulgaria and Macedonia of a Swiss company LEISTER Technologies AG.

Sale and service of professional plastic welding equipment for welding of PE-HD, PE-LD, PVC, PP, PE, PFA, TPO plastics, linoleum, bitumen membranes, geomembranes and others.

  • Hot air hand tools for plastics welding;
  • Automatic welding machines for welding thermoplastic roofing membranes for hy­droinsullation;
  • Automatic welding machines for weldingof geomembranes for Civil Engineering, Tunneling and Landfills;
  • Hand extruders;
  • Welding machines for welding floor coverings and industrial fabrics;
  • Control and measurement equipment for testing the quality of the welded places;
  • Air heaters (for activation, heating, vulcanization, melting, thermal shrinking, welding, sterilizing, heating and preheating) for mobile or stationery industrial processes and applications;
  • Air Heaters, hot-air blowers and blowers;
  • Butt welding machines for pipes, fittings and sheets.



+359 2/ 971 36 10
+359 88/ 873 21 31