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Energomonitor Bulgaria Ltd. is an exclusive partner for Bulgaria of the Czech company Energomonitor s.r.o, Czech Republic. Energomonitor s.r.o is a manufacturer of IoT products (software and hardware) for real-time online energy monitoring of utility consumption and air quality.

Energomonitor is a system for intelligent real-time measurement and monitoring of the parameters of electricity, natural gas, water and air - temperature, humidity and CO2, which helps the administration, business and households to save energy and money. It is fully automated web-based platform for remote energy monitoring that provides graphical and tabular visualization of measured data in real time, comparison with previous periods, data history, alarm deviations, data exports, email reports and much more etc. The web platform is accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, without restriction in the number of devices. Energomonitor software is user friendly oriented, adapted to the needs of managers who want to remotely control the operation and the cost of individual energy consumers in electrical circuits, production machines, workshops and separate areas.


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