Bulgaria 1202 Sofia, 2 Kozloduy Str.
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Aksal LTD is a company of long experience in the field of aluminium facade cladding, aluminium roofing materials and aluminium food packaging. Our goal is to help you find the material you are looking for, from proven manufacturers and suppliers in a very wide range of products.

Aksal LTD is an experienced but at the same time innovative and developing company. We offer aluminium produced with the latest technologies and materials. You can choose from a wide range of products that successfully meet the needs of different industries

Our main advantage is the individualized approach. The company strives to meet the specific needs of the individual client, showing variability and flexibility. We assist in the realization of each of our products.

Aksal LTD is a reliable and an efficient partner. We build our future to rely on personal commitment and social responsibility.

Our key values are loyalty, diligence, and trust.


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