Държавата подкрепя българските компании при участие в международни изложения

Предстоящите издания на изложения АРХИТЕКТУРНО-СТРОИТЕЛНА СЕДМИЦА, БУЛМЕДИКА и БУЛДЕНТАЛ, СВЕТЪТ НА МЕБЕЛИТЕ и MACHTECH & INNOTECH EXPO, са включени в новата “Индикативна програма за организиране на национални участия в международни панаири, изложения и конференции в страната и чужбина през 2019 – 2021г.“

Sound insulation is an essential process in construction

What are the basic principles of sound insulation? How should it be built, what are the right approaches and materials? Answers to these questions and many others, related to the sound insulation were given by the professionals from the Bulgarian Association for Insulation in construction on the 25 February at their workshop within the Architecture and Construction Week 2020.

Камара на архитектите в България призова за спазване на методика за цени и срокове при обществените поръчки

Камара на архитектите в България (КАБ) призова за спазване на методиката за цени и срокове при обществените поръчки, коментира Петкана Бакалова, зам.-председател на КАБ на кръгла маса „Обществените поръчки и градска среда – проблеми и решения в контекста на добрите европейски практики“. Това се случи в рамките на Архитектурно-строителна седмица, която ще продължи до 28 февруари в Интер Експо Център.

Prefabricated Houses with High Energy Efficiency

Maximizing the energy efficiency of the building is directly linked both with the reduction of heating and air conditioning cost and environmental protection. The company TES ECO STROY-1 is joining the Architecture and Construction Week 2020 with their technical solutions.

Providing an accessible environment with ADAPT BG Solutions

The specialized company for assistive devices for children and adults with special needs ADAPT BG will participate actively in the Architectural Building Week 2020. After a few days in Hall 3, Stand С9, we will be able to learn more about the innovative solutions providing an accessible environment.

Laser 3D scanning of the latest generation

The precise laser measurements are directly related to the improvements of the process of feasibility studies, documentation of construction processes, restoration and re-construction of buildings, transport facilities and cultural monuments. 3D laser scanners of the last generation will be presented to us from 25 to 28 February by the company Laserscanning Bulgaria.

Decorative wall panels and wide-format granite tiles presented by ESTETIKO

The provision of a feel for style, coziness and completeness is a basic requirement in the construction sector in the 21st century. How to achieve high results - the professionals share the same opinion –only high quality materials from the last generation need to be used like the ones to be presented to us by ESTETIKO.

The advantages of carbon tiles

There is hardly a building in which tiles are not used as an interior solution. The visitors of the Architectural Building Week 2020 will be able to learn more about the qualities of carbon tiles, combining high qualities and beautiful color contents.