Underground mining front loader  to be presented by "Fundament - Invest"

From 7th to 10th of March, the exhibition Bulgarian Building Week at Inter Expo Center will be the place where Fundament Invest will present the XYWJ-1 underground mining front loader by the Chinese company XINGYE MACHINERY. The machine is equipped with a diesel engine by the German company DEUTZ and has a power of 58 kW (2300 rpm) with air cooling.

The exhaust system of the underground mining front loader  is fitted with a silencer and a cleaner, while the braking system is hydromatic. The multi-disc brakes are mounted on the transmission case . The machine needs 24 V supply voltage for the power system.

The weight of the machine is 7.2 t. The bucket volume, which has a V-profile, is 1.2 m3 and its lifting capacity is 2000 kg. The speed of the impressive machine is 0-10 km / h. With a length of 6030 mm, a height of 2000 mm and a width of 1350 mm, the maximum unloading height is 1050 mm and the minimum unloading distance is 860 mm.

The drive system is hydraulically controlled, ensuring good driveability and higher machine efficiency. The SAHR brake (Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released type) insure safety and efficiency.