Folding scaffolding and universal transportation boxes by MINING LTD

The quality and speed of implementation of each project are directly related to the pre-assured good working conditions. During the exhibition Bulgarian Building Week 2018 from March 7th to 10th, the company MINING will provide an extensive list of bargains.

With its over 25 years of experience and as a representative of the German manufacturer of professional ZARGES aluminum products, MINING will present compact folding scaffolding, distinguished by their versatility, easy construction and quick installation.

In folded position, they are small enough to fit into the trunk of the car. With additional modules, the scaffolding can be lifted up to a working height of 13.65 m. They are available in S-Plus configurations for secure installation and dismantling with guard rails and platforms at every 2 meters.

K470 transport box

Bulgarian Building Week will also be the place where MINING Ltd will offer the universal K470 transportation boxes. The IP 67 degree of protection they possess eliminates the possibility of penetration of water and dust. The newest models also have a degree of protection IP 67, protecting the products in the container from moisture, water flush or accidental immersion.

ZARGES configurator

ZARGES specialists have developed specialized software that allows each customer to easily construct the required product from ready-made standard components. It is necessary to set the required individual sizes in advance. After that, the client receives the project developed by the parameters set by him, including drawings and, where necessary, even a 3-D model of the product.

The products of the company MINING can be found at Bulgarian Building Week from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center.