Multifunctional restoration material by KOSTER

A waterproofing solution is right, reliable and durable when it is prepared with the right product. It is difficult for the same product to be adapted for universal use. By accepting this challenge, KOSTER BAUCHEMIE AG developed KOESTER MS FLEX FOIL based on modern MS polymer technology. It will be demonstrated during the exhibition Bulgarian Building Week, which will be held from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center.

The product combines features that define it as an excellent multifunctional restoration material. It can be used in various areas: for repair of compromised waterproofing on balconies and terraces, roofs, wet rooms, tanks, swimming pools, etc., as well as for bonding waterproofing with different types of substrates - mineral surfaces, metal, wood, bitumen, PVC, polycarbonates.

Over 500% elasticity

KOSTER MS FLEX FOIL is a one-component material suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is used directly from the packaging. The product has crack bridging properties and an elasticity of more than 500%. It is fast curing, does not contain solvents and can be applied on dry and slightly moist substrates. The film is resistant to rain 30 minutes after application, as well as to aging, hydrolysis, UV rays, salts, frost and occasional pedestrian traffic. The foil does not need to rest long before subsequent construction and assembly works. It is liquid applied and therefore seamless, which greatly eases application to complicated architectural details.

With its excellent adhesion to many substrates and surfaces, including concrete, mortar, bitumen, metal, wood, PVC and, the product is a suitable material for repairs. Due to its UV resistance, the product is applicable both for indoor and outdoor use.