Euromarket with new partners and top products on Bulgarian Building Week

Euromarket, the company that is the leader in the field of construction and industrial equipment, will present its new partners and top products during this year's Bulgarian Building Week. The event, which has proved to be one of the leading exhibitions for building innovations, will be held from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center, Sofia.

There are new products by TJEP Kyocera in the vast portfolio of the company - fixing tools, reel clipping tools, rechargeable  re-bar binders  , electric and rechargeable re-bar cutters, pneumatic nailers, gas fuel cell nailers for nailing in various materials (wood , concrete, metal) as well as all the necessary accessories for the effective performance of the respective activities.

Among the new partners of Euromarket will be the manufacturer of painting equipment Airlessco. During Bulgarian Building Week, there will be presented the SP380 electric airless paint sprayer for residential buildings and an airless texture sprayer for industrial sites TS1750.

The model SP380 is designed to interior water and solvent-based coatings as well as 100% acrylic coatings ,while the TS1750 offers the possibility of spaying water and solvent-based coatings, 100% acrylics, all interior and exterior wall paints, dry fall, mastics, epoxy, intumescent coatings, waterproofing coatings, and drywall mud. You can learn more about the benefits of these machines at the booth of Euromarket.

Among the exhibited top products will be those by the German manufacturer Putzmeister, which offers one of the most complete range of machines for placing of masonry, spraying and transporting plasters and putties, as well as piston concrete pumps for transportation and shotcreting . The technologies used and the quality of production are at the heart of consumer choice, while the high efficiency, low operating costs and long service life make them an unquestionable favorite when re-purchasing. They guarantee reliability and high performance in finishing operations such as dry cement mortars, application and transportation of floor screeds, sand and other construction mixtures, screed conveying application, etc.

"We have very high expectations from Bulgarian Building week ,as our impressions from the last year's edition are more than positive, and without a doubt the exhibition has established itself as leading forum, attracting a large number of clients and giving us the opportunity to show the best of our product range," commented Aleksander Koloma, Manager of Tools Dept in Euromarket. "In our opinion, the interest in building innovation will continue to grow, so our goal is to be a partner of top brands and to continue to work for the modernization of Bulgarian industry," he added.

The Euromarket booth will also feature:

  • Professional power tools by the world's leading company Bosch
  • Concrete smoothing machines Fastverdini with KOHLER engines
  • GOLZ brick cutting machines
  • GOLZ Diamond Drilling Machines
  • Fastverdini joint-cutters with KOHLER engines
  • KOHLER SDMO gasoline generators - single phase and three-phase.
  • KOHLER SDMO water pumps.

The machines, tools and consumables offered by Euromarket can be seen in Hall 3, booth C5.