Specialized System Management and Monitoring Software by Systemhaus

To build quality buildings with a longer lifetime requires carefull monitoring implementing most advanced technologies of the whole process of constructing the building. Systemhaus will present their development of specialized software for management and monitoring of the construction stages during Bulgarian Building Week, which will be held from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center.

The system provides a connecting function that supports in real time all activities and processes in building organizations of any type and size. It facilitates the cooperation between the units, the management of relations and contracts with customers and suppliers, the management of relations with the institutions and the compliance with the regulations, management of stocks and raw materials and equipment, spare parts and finished products, transport and specialized equipment, management of human resources and their characteristics, social security and salaries , as well as general project management. The product includes data collection, storage, analysis, documentation and dissemination to internal and external stakeholders.

The integrated system integrates the incoming information from all sources used and enables the reporting of the performed activity and the realization of real-time control over the projects and assets of the entire structure. It enables the processes of addressing and assigning tasks to be automated and creates an information base for efficient project management, facilitating faster and more efficient management decisions.

System integration

The company also offers its services in the field of system integration. Systemhaus provides the necessary resources to build quality and reliable solutions tailored to the individual needs of each organization. It offers organizational and IT risk analysis in line with the ISO: 31000 standard, helping to avoid threats to business and IT systems.

It also offers its customers a professional audit of the IT infrastructure, helping to bring it into line with the ISO: 27000 family of standards. Systemhaus also performs business process analysis and IT assurance, and assists in the use of ISO-22301 standard practices in their management. Thanks to all this, the company ensures that IT processes are brought in line with the new EU data protection requirements (GDPR), which are officially in place since May 2018.