KAERCHER's high-tech solutions for construction industry

The products offered by KAERCHER are widely used in the manufacturing and service sectors. Among the high-tech products they are going to present at Bulgarian Building Week 2018 from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center will be those for surface preparation, cleaning of formwork elements and concrete repairs.

KAERCHER offers hot and cold water high-pressure cleaners, ultra high pressure machines and equipment, vacuum cleaners and multi-purpose vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, textile cleaners, sweepers, utility machines, automatic and manual washing systems, water purification equipment , steam cleaners and steam extractors, dry ice cleaning machines, water dispensers, industrial suction systems.

Using the KAERCHER equipment, the surfaces can be carefully prepared. The machines remove paint, mortar, coatings. The products are used for cleaning facades and buildings, removing old peeled layers for reprocessing, cleaning from soot, dust and dirt, creating a rough surface with sufficient adhesion for a new coating, insulation or paint layer.

Easy and effective formwork cleaning

The company offers a wealth of formwork cleaning proposals. Among them are the compact 350/500 bar Cage models. They are a flexible solution for fast cleaning of fresh concrete with a rotating nozzle.

KAERCHER solutions can also repair concrete. Its products can perform hydro-demolition concrete, exposure of steel reinforcements, paint cleaning,etc.,also concrete, stone, bricks, coupling clearing, removal of rust from steel reinforcements, roughening of concrete surfaces and water jet cutting of concrete. Among the advantages of this method is the faster speed with which operations are performed compared to mechanical processing, they have no vibration and micro-flaws, clean edging, anti-corrosion processing of the iron, no bending and damage to steel structures.