Innovative and highly efficient - products by Valiva 97

Each building company is determined to offer proper, effective, and high-quality products. The company Valiva 97 will offer its numerous proposals during Bulgarian Building Week, which will be held from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center.

The company is the official representative of Imer Group (It), Schwamborn (De), Worms (F), LAE (It) for Bulgaria. Imer is a manufacturer of light construction equipment, concrete centers and concrete mixers, scissor platforms ,mini-dumpers,qcrawler carrierS, mini- excavators. The professionals have expertise in mixers and concrete-mixer lorries for the preparation of various construction mixes. The cutting machines meet the requirements for length and thickness of the cut material, distinguished by high precision.

The company offers a new model of saw combining the possibility of cutting very long elements - over 1200 mm and at the same time very thick 250 mm (with plunge cutting). There is a wide range of mortar spraying machines - Koine, Small, Step, Prestige, single or three-phase, for use on storey levels or for level zero, electric or diesel. The Mover 270 EVO, a floor screeding machine, features futuristic and ergonomic design. The company also offers hoists and winches by Imer Group.

Schwamborn - the German quality

Valiva 97 offers products by Schwamborn, a proven German quality. They are designed for surface treatment - cleaning, leveling, grinding, trowelling  , milling, smoothing, polishing , using a number of technical solutions – DOC/ Drive Overload Clutch/ETX (Easy Tool Exchange) DIF (Diamond Floating Device for perfect polishing) MOP ( Motor Overload Protection), USF, OMF.

At Bulgarian Building Week Exhibition, the company will present the products by Worms, which are part of Imer France. It complements the nomenclature of goods with the production of generators - gasoline and diesel, single-phase and three-phase, welding and inverter ones with a power of 2 to 500 kW. The manufacturer also offers water pumps for clean, polluted or very polluted water with a variety of flow and pressure models.