Make Bulgaria will present its thermal insulation technology MAKEiS,

By setting an objective to realize energy-efficient buildings, Make Bulgaria has developed its MAKEiS thermal insulation technology. It will be presented during Bulgarian Building Week 2018 from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center.

Thermal insulation technology demonstrates how to manufacture and install composite insulating panels made of polyurethane foam covered with fiberglass for external and internal use by a mobile machine. It consists of an insulating product, a method of manufacturing the insulating product and its assembly method, a mobile machine and specialized software with an online application.

The insulating product is a heat or soundproofing panel covered with a fiberglass cloth or a thin polymer layer. The panels have a groove and a tooth from the four sides, eliminating the possibility of heat. The manufacturing method explains how to produce the insulating product with an on-site mobile machine. The panels are produced in accordance with the required overall dimensions due to the fact that the amount of waste is minimal. With some small changes, the technology allows the production of decorative interior 3D heat or noise insulating panels.

The installation method shows how to install the insulating product in only 3 operations. The first one is laying a fast- bonding polymeric adhesive, then a glass-fiber wallpaper imitating different types of plasters and protecting the insulation from the impact of the environment. The third step is painting. It can be possible that the finishing layer is made of polymeric plaster or polymer - polyurea. There have been developed full details of the installation method for each individual element of the building structure.

The mobile machine included in the technology is a small-sized factory that can be easily moved. It is equipped with IoT4 technology - allowing online access and management. And the specialized software can make 3D imaging of the object to be insulated. This model determines the number and amount of insulating panels required for its insulation. This information is obtained from the machine that produces them.

The MAKEiS technology is applicable for the insulation of industrial and residential buildings, as well as for insulation of industrial plants with a working temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius. With minimal changes in technology, MAKEiS can also produce interior decorative insulation.