How to choose insulation materials? More details from ABELID

A house should feel like a home. This can only be achieved by using quality and professional roofing and thermal insulation solutions. ABELID Ltd will present complex offers at Bulgarian Building Week from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center .

ISOTEC -a roof insulation system that is well-recognized on the Bulgarian market will be among the products. It is designed for the construction and isolation of pitched roofs. It simultaneously provides thermal insulation, waterproofing, vapor insulation, dense and strong lining, straight rows for the roof tiles, ventilation, greater distance between the ribs of the supporting structure. The main advantage of ISOTEC is its compatibility with all types of tiles and its applicability to various types of supporting structures.

The second complex thermal insulation of the company is GEMADRAIN. It is a combined insulation consisting of an extruded polystyrene thermal insulation layer (XPS), glued together with a drainage HPDE membrane and a geotextile layer. The main purpose is to isolate foundations and underground floors and to build green roofs. Gemadrain incorporates three different materials, eliminating the need to attach bonding layers between them and saves efforts for gradual laying.

Thermal insulation plates; and more....

For the construction a safe and cozy building, ABELID also offers the universal polyurethane (PIR) thermal insulation boards EFIGREEN. They are used on flat and pitched roofs, floors, facades and internal insulation. They are characterized by an excellent coefficient of heat conductivity λ = 0,022W / m.k. The heat insulating core is coated on both sides with a special multi-layer coating; the inner layer is aluminum, and the exterior is like a gypsum board. This allows the boards to be easily finished with cladding or puttying. The aluminum layer repels the heat, enhancing the thermal insulation effect.

The company will also present the combination of extruded polystyrene (XPS) and bituminous membrane - STIROBIT. This is a material used in the construction and repair of flat roofs. The two layers are glued in the factory. This avoids the need for reinforced cement screeding. STIROBIT is bonded to the foundation and the final membrane with mineral granules is applied by hot-air welding.