Multipor makes it possible to control the microclimate at home

Security and comfort are the leading requirements that are not compromised when it comes to building, renovating or rebuilding a house. Multipor heat insulation plates are an innovative product on the construction market, which is entirely driven by this concept. They will be presented by Xella Bulgaria at Bulgarian Building Week 2018, which will be held from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center.

Multipor heat insulation plates are made of natural raw materials - cement, lime, sand and water, which in combination with the waste-free technology make the product able to offer simultaneous insulation of the highest class and create a healthy microclimate for the inhabitants.

The Multipor mineral heat insulation plates have the highest grade of reaction to fire A1. Their main advantage is that in the event of a fire they do not ignite or emit smoke and harmful emissions for humans and the environment. Reinforcing walls and ceilings with the product increases their fire resistance and building safety.

Among the key features of Multipor heat insulation plates is that they do not age. This means that they retain their qualities, structure and dimensions throughout their lifetime. The homogeneous and rigid surface of the heat insulation boards helps to preserve the integrity of the facade and reduce maintenance costs. Multipor heat insulation plates do not allow the mold and mildew to appear on the facades and there is no development of insects. The integrity of the facade is protected by woodpeckers, starlings and other small birds.

The Multipor heat insulation plates have:

- Environmental Impact Statement - 

- Eco-label prepared in Germany by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency - 

 - The highest A + estimate of influence on indoor air quality emissions - 

It is important for the environment that Multipor heat insulation plates can be fully recycled and do not need to be treated as construction waste.