Isolations – with many different applications

Modern construction implies the implementation of various insulating technologies and materials. They must meet the predefined requirements so that the project can perform the functions for which it has been built. From 6 to 9 March, the company CHEMICAL PRODUCTS will give an opportunity to learn more about company numerous proposals. This will happen in Hall 3, Stand B2 of the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK.

The company will present the properties of insulation for pipes and elbows from rock mineral wool ISOLPIPE. The specialized product is produced from basalt mineral fibers and is characterized by a fine fibers open structure. As a noise- and heat insulator, it is resistant to moisture, mold, microorganisms and rodents. ISOLPIPE is produced from non-combustible material and is therefore a fireproof wool that can be easily installed.

Emphasis in the company presentation will be put on the lamination of rock mineral wool plates  ISOLPLATE. This type of thermal insulation from soft, semi-solid and solid plates from mineral wool, not laminated and laminated with glass  film (white or black), aluminum foil or kraft paper, are designed for noise- and thermal insulation of ventilation ducts, buildings and industrial process equipment.

 The qualities of the wool rolls with aluminum foil ISOLLAM will be demonstrated at the Stand. ISOLLAM is designed for thermal insulation and noise isolation of air ducts, vessels and pipelines with a diameter greater than 350 mm and operating temperature of the plants up to + 250° C. The wool is made of stone mineral wool lamellae with density 40, 50, 60 and 80 kg/m3, cross-glued on aluminium foil or kraft paper. CHEMICAL PRODUCTS will also present wool with a wire mesh.

High-quality Roofing Materials

The company CHEMICAL PRODUCTS also sets as a priority the construction of   quality roof structure. Therefore they will present wedges and covings for flat roofs slope from stone mineral wool ISOLSLOPE. They are designed for thermal insulation, noise isolation and protection against fire on flat roofs of concrete slabs or steel structures. This product achieves the desired roof slope, with a maximum of 7 cm/1 m (7%).

The products offered by the company CHEMICAL PRODUCTS are intended for industrial, construction and technical insulations. They are a thermal- and noise insulator, high temperature protection and fire protection. All of them will be exhibit in Hall 3, Stand B2.