The cyclonic pre-filter CT-VA-20, proposed by Tooltechnic Systems

It can handle large volumes of dust. Efficient, easy to use and reliable. This is the cyclonic pre-filter  CT-VA-20, which Tooltechnic Systems will demonstrate to us from 6 to 9 March in Hall 3, Stand A5.

Compatible with Festool mobile vacuum cleaners CT, the pre-filter captures up to 95% of dust before reaching the mobile vacuum cleaner. Thus the main filter is released and a constant high suction capacity is guaranteed in the process of operation.

The product offered is convenient and safe to transport, thanks to the stacking containers with a compact size and durable structure placed on top of each other. CT-VA-20 provides conditions for flexible operation and can be combined with all Festool mobile vacuum cleaners CT 26/36/48 with and without AutoClean function. The filter is also applicable for the treatment of  classes "L" and "M dusts".