Secure transportation of lithium-ion batteries and work safety  - with MINING’S products

Security. This word can  summarize the product range offered by the company MINING, which will take part in the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK from 6th to 9th of March in Inter Expo Center.

The ZARGES’S box approved for the transport of lithium-ion batteries, according to UN requirements, will be a leading focus in company presentation. "The transportation and storage of defective or new lithium batteries is subject to strict safety rules", company representatives commented. The ZARGES box has been developed as a safe container for storing and transportation of damaged or defective batteries. The product enables distributors and logistics companies to store or transport suspicious batteries in optimal conditions. The container is compliant with P 908.

The ZARGES’S box dimensions are 550 x 550 x 220 mm with two aluminium separators. The internal volume allows carrying up to 3 lithium batteries, each one with a capacity of up to 500 Wh. It is approved for transporting dangerous goods. The inner lining is made up of a fabric with an swollen finish and is lined with special CIRRUX pads. It is equipped with fireproof cladding and absorbent fiberglass material.

The box is lightweight, durable and with high load capacity, allowing multiple opening and closing. "It has been successfully tested in fire; Flame does not spread to adjacent batteries, the surface temperature of the container remains below 100 °C ", commented people from MINING. The three welded aluminium profile frames provide a high degree of stability.

Portable aluminium ladder with a platform

The emphasis in the presentation of the company will be also ZARGES portable aluminum ladder with a platform of ZARGES GmbH. Lightweight and easy to use, like a mobile scaffold, it is safe and comfortable to use.

Ladders with a platform provide greater stability. They offer a large tread surface and comfort in the process of works as they have handrails on both sides and steps with at least 80 mm depth. The stairs of ZARGES GmbH are convenient for transportation thanks to the option for easy folding and their technical specifications – own weight under 15 kg. and working height up to 4 m.

MINING will exhibit their products in Hall 3, Stand D2.