Techlam wide-format granite tiles with so many different applications

Multifunctionality and applicability are two of the requirements to turn a product into a successful one. For the needs of construction Venta Group presents the wide-format granite tiles Techlam by Levantina.

With a thickness of 3 mm, relative weight of 7.1 kg/m2, tiles dimensions are up to 1000 х 3000 mm. Thanks to these specifications and the wide variety of decors, the product provides a variety of solutions in the field of architecture and interior design. The TECHLAM qualities make it applicable for  ventilated front walls, wall coatings and coverings, pavements, countertops and others. It is a high-tech solution for floors, walls, countertops, furniture and front walls.

Creating a standard for porcelain products capable of creating spaces with individual characteristics, Techlam is available in wide range of colors and decorative options. Thanks to these the granite tiles are used for a variety of activities in architecture and decoration – both in new buildings and for renovation.

"Industrial, Stone, Wood, Deco, Vulcano, Hydra and Basic: 7  benchmarks, which represent an infinite world of discovery options, all equally lively and compelling", commented the company Venta Group, which will display their products in Room  1, Stand D11.