Soudal presents: Warm weather installation system and liquid membranes

Building a cozy atmosphere is directly related to the use of the right materials and quality maintenance. That is why the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK will be the place where Soudal will present its proposals.

The Soudal Windows System for windows installation in warm weather is turning into a highlight for Soudal. It consists of foam, strips and sealants. The technology allows the right installation of windows achieving sound and heat insulation – thanks to the Soudal polyurethane foam, which eliminates the need for special inner and outer sealing strips.

"Every element of the system contributes to its integrity and usefulness," the company said. The mounting foam provides heat and sound insulation, and the internal SWS sealing strips protect the insulation layer from moisture penetration into the room. Their action is complemented by external SWS sealing strips protecting the insulation layer from the effects of rain, snow and UV rays. The effects acheved is that the steam which may fall into the insulation layer will be diffused. These characteristics prevent the formation of thermal bridges, which otherwise create a prerequisite for freezing and wetting of the walls around the windows and the appearance of mold.

Liquid membranes for quality maintenance

Soudal will also present the Soudatight Series of liquid membranes, enabling proper and quality maintenance of the buildings. The new innovative series of the company is designed to fill cracks and openings in walls, floors and ceilings. The products are easy to apply on almost all types of surfaces. Soudatight allow easy, fast and economical application of a steam- and air-impermeable membrane over large areas or connections between the following surfaces: floor-to-wall, wall-to-ceiling, and others. After drying, an elastic film is formed, creating the basis for subsequent painting or plastering.

Among the main advantages of the liquid membrane series is that it remains elastic after hardening. Furthermore it also seamlessly adheres to various types of porous surfaces – concrete, gypsum, brick or hardened foam. When applied the color is dark blue, and after drying – black. After drying, the surface may be painted or plastered, and cleaning may be done by water. The product is labeled EC-1 PLUS for very low emissions.

All of Soudal's proposals can be found in Hall 3, Stand 2C6.