Installations for preparation and dosing of lime milk and lime

From 6 to 9 March, AquaCom Electronics will introduce visitors to ARCHITECTURAL & CONSTRUCTION WEEK with installations for the preparation and dosing of lime water and lime. The systems enable the implementation of processes through the introduction of modern and technological solutions.

The units provide conditions for the production and dosing of lime milk for dosing of lime to stabilize and disinfect dewatered sludge. Due to its features, including the high level of automation and adaptation, the company's proposals are suitable for deployment in urban and industrial sewage treatment plants.

The systems for preparation and dosing of limewater and lime of AquaCom electronics are furnished with a silo, lime dispensers, ь mixing chamber, metering pumps for lime milk and additional equipment for human and environmental protection. Taking a personal approach towards the installation, the company focuses on individual attitude, taking into account the customer and the application of the system.

The proposals of AquaCom Electronics can be found in Hall 4, Stand C3.