One – True Cement offered at the Atri stand

The first thermo decorative system for walls and floors with real cement effect: One – True Cement. This product will be among Atri's proposals.

Atri will familiarize the visitors with the innovative proposal at its Stand – A14 in Hall 1. “One” is a cement polymer system for floors, walls and ceilings that allow the realization of the "real concrete" effect. The trademark TRUE CEMENT ™ is a patented cement mixture with calibrated inert materials and special thermal supplements, with a color chart, including 36 pastel colours.

The ONE thermo decorative system allows the creation of a variety of decorative effects and structures, including: Polished or matte cement, stone, travertine and others. All this is achieved with the combination of 36 colours. Made in Italy, the products of the system have high strength, long service life and are resistant to abrasion.

The decorative system is used for offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, exhibition halls, floors, walls and ceilings in damp rooms – bathrooms, swimming pools, etc. One – True Cement enables architects and designers to achieve the modern effect of cement and at the same time to provide residents with health and thermal comfort in the premises. The product is applicable for repairs since removal of the old cladding is not necessary. The use of specially developed primer allows application on any existing lining or flooring: terracotta, faience, porcelain tiles, stone, cement screed, mosaic.

The system, whose specifications ensure is easy and fast application, allows easy maintenance and cleaning. It is resistant to household cleaning agents. The coating is ecological and can be used in crèches, schools, hospitals, public kitchens.


Among the main advantages of the ONE thermo decorative coating pointed out by Atri are:

  • Reducing energy costs for heating and cooling. Studies have shown 20% lower heating costs (respectively cooling costs during the summer) per room. This is due to heat reflection (over 85%), its retention and even distribution in the volume of the room. The paint's thermal conductivity ratio is λ = 0.13-0.15.
  • Effective and long-lasting anti-mould and anti-condensation action. After the products dry, an efficient thermal barrier is formed which interrupts the link between the cold walls and the warm air in the room preventing condensation.

Excellent vertical heat distribution. The temperature in a room decorated with One is even – 22 °C at the floor and under the ceiling.