Parquet – the element that lends character to every room

Parquet is undoubtedly among those elements that are of fundamental importance for the creation of the character of every room. In order to allow consumers to make the best choice according to the functions of the place the parquet is intended for, and the customer's individual requirements, PHIVEX PROJECT presents customers with a wealth of proposals in the area of ​​parquet flooring.

PHIVEX PROJECT offers a portfolio of engineered double-layer parquet of natural wood. Among the varieties are Bauwerk Formpark, Rombico Bauwerk Formpark, Quadrato. The two collections interpret the classic patterns of laying them in an exciting new way. And the new colours in the Villapark collection and the large size of the board easily fit with in both the classic and modern interiors.

Thanks to their low thermal resistance ratio, the parquet floors that the company offers are suitable for laying on top of floor heating. With lower expandability and shrinkability, parquet flooring can be fitted tightly to other flooring without the need of expansion joints or the use of connecting strips. Their qualities make them suitable for mounting on ceilings and walls.

All products offered by PHIVEX PROJECT can be found in Hall 1, Stand C4.