Facade decorative panels for every building

The construction of aesthetic front walls and the use of quality products is of paramount importance for the "life" of the building and the environment therein. Taking into account the needs of modern construction, EKON TECHNOLOGIES will provide the visitors of the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK with the opportunity of a wide choice.

Facade decorative panels WARM STONE are among the company proposals. They will be presented as special structures with two key functions – façade thermal insulation and at the same time they are suitable to be used as finishing materials.

The appearance of the decorative surface of WARM STONE resembles natural stone and wood. "It is possible to imitate the stone with different color and structure: travertine, limestone, marble, crushed stone, wild stone, wood", complement the company representatives.

Thanks to their qualities, the products offered by EKON TECHNOLOGIES are applicable for thermal insulation and for the finishing of buildings with various purposes - private houses, residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, cafes as well as for renovation of facades of existing buildings.


The decorative façade thermo-panels WARM STONE allow for:

  • year-round installation, in all seasons, achieved through the use of new technologies in construction. Installation in all weather conditions;
  • installation speed up to five times faster than the installation of a standard "wrapping" of polystyrene, ten times faster than installing natural stone.
  • versatility of installation using the "constructor " method – the connection of the thorn-groove panels eliminates the "cold bridge" and provides high protection against wind and moisture.
  • Reliability - fixing of the panels with polyurethane adhesive in combination with fixing dowels in the "mounting tip" ensures the strength of the façade
  • low relative weight – per 1 m2 - from 10 to 12 kg. Price - equal to the value of the standard "wrapping" with insulation of Styrofoam and lower than the natural stone cladding.
  • Cleanliness of work - minimum waste. Clean installation process achieved thanks to the lack of "wet " works.
  • Durability - 25 years of warranty. Thermo-insulating properties - the thermal conductivity of «Terazid» Styrofoam with thickness 100 mm and density 13-15 kg/m3 is not more than 0.042 W/mK. Weather resistance - resistance to UV, moisture and dust provides final coating of polymer acrylic lacquer.
  • Thickness of the decorative coating of 7 mm liquid stone, resistant to mechanical load with qualities close to those of natural stone.
  • Construction of an elegant façade.

EKON TECHNOLOGIES will display their products in Hall 3, stand D9.