Bullet protection glass and controlled transparency by BULCORP

The best offers tailored to individual needs and requirements. These will be the products from BULCORP during the exhibition ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK 2019. From 6 to 9 March, the company will present bullet  protection glass   and glasses with controlled transparency.

Designed for protection against firearms, BULGUARD glass offers a high level of protection. The product combines tinted glasses and coated glasses. These do not include organic coatings, which makes them suitable for exterior use.  Depending on customer needs and requirements, BULGUARD is available as a single panel and glazing. Its qualities make it a suitable solution for glazing of banks and financial institutions, offices, exhibition halls, museums, etc. where protection against firearms and burglary is required. BULGUARD parameters make it possible to achieve the best effect for energy efficient protection and make it a suitable architectural solution.

Control of transparency also from a mobile phone

For glazing of offices, conference halls, hotels, exhibition halls and many others. Thanks to its qualities, VISION GUARD is used for arranging of spaces of varied nature. The transparency of this innovative glass can be controlled by supplying low-voltage current through a built-in into the glass PDLC film. In the "off" position, the glass is opaque with a pleasant matte appearance, and in the "on" position it is transparent. "Energy consumption is very low and the voltage of 48 volts allows it to be used in wet rooms," commented from the company BULCORP.

By combining tinted glasses and coated glasses, various products can be obtained for single glazing or double glazing. Using VISION GUARD users can achieve high safety and protection class (P4A according to BDS EN 356), easy integration in intelligent systems for buildings energy management  and possibility of remote control, including  from a mobile Phone. Glass can be modified using all types of glass to achieve the best effect for energy efficient protection and architectural design solution.

VISION GUARD is applicable for:

- Glazing of offices, conference halls, etc., where apart from the possibility of dividing spaces, the glass can be used for presentations, training, advertisements, etc.

- Hotels, restaurants for dividing spaces

- Exhibition halls, museums, exhibition equipment

- Stadiums and gyms

- Banks and financial institutions

- Airports, railway stations, bus stations, places with high human traffic

- Vehicles – planes, sea vessels, motor cars

- Housing, hospitals, public buildings, clean technological rooms, etc.

The products offered by the company BULCORP will be displayed in Hall 2, Stand 2A5.