Multipurpose formwork and scaffolding for every application

Versatility. This word is among the key materials, tools and technologies in the modern construction. This word is fundamental in PERI concept, which the company will deploy in Hall 3, Booth C1.


Universal multipurpose formwork for horizontal and vertical elements. This is the DUO-formwork system made of rot-proof and non-corrodible materials. "DUO is fully recyclable and increases productivity by 50%," the experts commented. The company also highlights other basic qualities of the system – it is easy to transport and install in hard to reach places outside the urban areas. It can be used alone or as a complementary lightweight system; it allows for easy replacement of the contact surface - with only a few screws, directly on the site, not needing professional repair.


- Lightweight formwork elements of technical polymers, with a height of 60 cm and 135 cm and a width of up to 90 cm;

- high resistance to weather conditions; 100% recyclable

- Maximum allowable concrete pressure of 50, 5 kN/m² for walls and 80 kN/m² for square  columns and rectangular columns from 15 cm x 15 cm to 55 cm x 55 cm in increments of 5 cm;

- Optimized system for casing of slabs with a thickness up to 30 cm;

- Reduced noise level and no hammer assembly.

For every application - PERI UP

The company will also present PERI UP. The PERI UP Flex Scaffolding is a lightweight, load bearing, flexible and secure system, whose working platforms have a high bearing capacity. It can be assembled quickly and easily on the worksite. The certified modular system "Scaffolding with integrated security system" allows incorporation of the same elements for building up a bearing scaffolding, reinforcement scaffolding, staircase tower or a working platform.

By using  PERI UP Flex, the guard railing for each next level is mounted before the remaining elements. The product has a built-in anti-lift system and gravitational lock of floor elements. PERI UP Flex is also used as a bearing formwork for bridges, façade and hanging scaffolding.

The built-in anti-lift system of the floor elements provides security and is provided with bright yellow floor railings and boards. In this way the processes on the work site are optimized and the security is increased. Technical specifications allow building-on to the required height, length and width of the building. The assembly is fast and secure thank to the locking mechanism of the platforms.

Aiming at an elegant execution, PERI also presents PERI UP Еasy. The system is built from lightweight elements thus achieving fast, easy and secure installation. The integrated rosette makes it possible to combine the scaffolding with the modular PERI UP Flex system.

The weight of PERI UP Еasy is reduced by 17%. The design ensures the best fit of the floor elements to the dimensions of the module and the possibility of cross-scaling with different size supports. The floor elements are easy to open and close, which facilitates the transportation of façade panels, window frames, etc.