The installation  "Walk in the park" of SAN MARCO "conquers" the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK from 6 to 9 March. The participants in the International exhibition will be able to enjoy the beautifully realized project, visiting the Stand of SAN MARCO – Stand C3 in Hall 1.

The innovative silicate paint SILDOMUS SANA will be presented in the so built ecosystem. The product is free from VOC (volatile organic compounds) and captures formaldehyde in the surrounding environment. The paint transforms the chemical compound into stable harmless components.

The installation "Walk in the park " will provide also a rich accompanying program. On the 6th of March -  the first exhibition day, the event  "The world of decorations in an hour and a half" will start at 14:30 am. Basic techniques for applying San Marco decorative materials   will be demonstrated within this event.

New software

March 7th will be the day when THE park will be transformed into a platform for the presentation of the new San Marco software designed for VR Googles. The beginning will be launched at 12:00 a.m. In the early afternoon, 14:00 a.m. the presentation "A lesson for Advanced" dedicated to the new techniques of application of decorative plasters will start.

On March 8th, SAN MARCO will take part in the organized by Inter Expo Center and Training Center Graphic Ground HTB Conference, dedicated to the new trends and high technologies in construction in Panorama Hall. On the same day, at 1:30 p.m. at the company Stand a discussion on  "The problems in thermal insulation systems " will start.

The last exhibition day, March 9th, will allow the visitors to ask the representatives of the company questions they may have. During the entire period of exhibition, SAN MARCO will present, develop and upgrade the idea of sustainable construction.

All offers, products and ideas of SAN MARCO will be presented in Hall 1, Stand C3.