Digital laser systems facilitate measurement and save time

Direct digital transfer of measurement results not only saves time, but also greatly facilitates the carried out works. This will be demonstrated by TERALANG Ltd. during the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK, which will be held from 6th to 9th of March at Inter Expo Center.

The Koiss digital and laser measuring tapes from South Korea are part of the exhibits, which  the company will display. The innovative appliances, which can be seen in Hall 3 at Stand В14, have a 5-meter steel taoe, whose results are recorded digitally on a bright backlit display, making the work possible even in not well lit rooms. The laser can work in several modes of single and multiple measurements and thus only with a single button  touch  it can  easily and comfortably measure a distance in a range up to 40 m.

The measuring tapes also have rechargeable batteries guaranteeing autonomous  operation on the site.

These and other innovations regarding the digital laser systems will be exhibited during the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK in Hall 3 at Stand B14.