Sandwich-Panels – modern solution for facades, walls and roofs

A rational and convenient solution for modern construction. One of the preferred choices for creating beautiful and sustainable designs. These are the sandwich panels for which the last generation materials and technologies are applied.

At the exhibition Architecturaland Building Week, from 25 to 28 February 2020, Technopanel will introduce them to us. Sandwich panels are made up of layers (internal and external) of galvanized sheets , protected with polyester coloured coating and insulating core of polyurethane foam (PUR), mineral wool (MW) or foam polyisocyanurate (PIR). The company focuses the attention on TFACE S façade sandwich panels, TFACE T wall sandwich panels and the roof sandwich panels TTOP.

"When the design is important, the preferred choice are the façade panels with concealed mounting TFACE S", representatives of Technopanel commented. The different steel sheet profiles  -T, V and F flat. The lack of visible screws on the façade makes them a suitable solution for industrial and public buildings with a modern appearance. The design of the joint allows connecting of TFACE S series panels with various insulating cores – PIR, PUR, MW. TFACE S panels are suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation.

The open fitting functional wall panels of the TFACE T series are designed for buildings with a focus on practical efficiency. They are available with three types of steel sheet profiles  - T, V and F "flat". Both vertical and horizontal installation are possible. Thanks to the compactness of the connection between the panels, TFACE are suitable for construction of refrigeration chambers and rooms with high requirements for thermal insulation reliability. Part of the TFACE T product line are the FRIGOPANEL wall refrigeration panels with insulating cores from PIR and PUR.

The TTOP roofing series is suitable for heat-insulated roofs with a minimum slope of 7%. The corrugated panels solve the problems with leakage and dust. This is achievable thanks to the precision joints with overlapping of the empty rib of the adjacent panel. In response to the customization requirements of a certain project, the core of the panel can be made of polyurethane, polyisocyanurate or mineral wool.

Sandwich panels are an excellent building material for fast and reliable installation on buildings and facilities. Technopanel highlights the following advantages of the sandwich panels:

- High degree of thermal insulation

- High level of mechanical properties

- Fully mechanical joining techniques

- Fire safety, sound insulation, waterproof

- Structural applicability

 - Low own weight

- Space saving

- Environmentally friendly (without CFC and HCFC)

- Give aesthetic finishing to the buildings and their steel surfaces are easily combined with other materials

- Life span up to 40 years with minimum maintenance

- Lightweight structure (reduced price of the main structure)

- Structural applicability and small thickness

- Reconstruction and relocation

- Fast installation, with less dependence on external weather conditions

Sandwich-Panels will be presented by Technopanel  in Hall 3, Stands 3А11 and 3В6.