Robotic and high-tech solutions for home and office

Repair works in the home and office are inseparably linked with the subsequent need for cleaning. The company Dedal Company will be focused on this process during their participation in Architectural-Building Week 2020.

The company offers a wide range of robotic vacuum cleaners of various brands, i.e. Mamibot, Oskar, Amigo, Oberon, Xiaomi, ILIFE, etc. The machines of the new generation will be among the products exhibited by the company. They are suitable for home and office and can clean tiles, vinyl, parquet, laminate and fine carpet.

Robotic vacuum cleaners provide complete and effective vacuuming of dust and pet hair, providing a healthy and pleasant environment. Thanks to their shape and mobility, they can reach inaccessible places. When the battery is law, the machines automatically find their charging station. They are provided with a function to set the operation start time, WiFi connection, mobile application and “smart” cleaning.

We will also be able to see window-cleaning robots at the Daedalus stand, as well as pool cleaners. Robotic lawnmowers, provided with automatic charging, hit and rain sensors, mobile application, WiFi Direct, PIN code, gyroscope, different mowing areas, slope overcoming, will also draw the attention.

For cleaner air

Stylish and compact design. These are multi-level air purifiers, manufactured by Attractive, Xiaomi, Moneual, etc., which the Daedalus company will promote. They maintain a healthy environment and fresh air circulation. Air purifiers remove microorganisms, dust mite allergens, mold spores, pet allergens, bacteria, viruses, organic and residual odors. "Some models are provided with an UV sterilizing lamp, a negative ion release function, pollution detection sensors, air quality LED indicator, WiFi connection and mobile application," commented from the company.

Dedal Company will present their technological solutions in Hall 4, Stand A1.