How to control electricity consumption remotely?

The answer is short: with a "smart" adapter for contact with WiFi connection and electricity monitoring, 16A. The device will be presented at Inter Expo Center at the Architectural-Building Week from 25 to 28 February 2020.

The Smart option allows  to control  the power supply remotely from the electrical appliances. "You are monitoring electricity consumption and get electricity consumption report. The intelligent adapter allows you to always be connected to your home and electric appliances ", report the specialists from Dedal company.

Mobile connection

Introduced by the company, the appliance can be plugged into any standard socket. The connection with it can be completely mobile through an application and Wifi network. This allows for control regardless of the distance and to set its operation schedule.

When can we use the "smart" adapter?

  - When we are at home, but we want to control the power supply remotely

  - When we want to monitor in detail the power consumption

  - When we want to set the power supply of a certain device to turn on/off at a certain point of time or to work for a certain time

  - When we want to make sure we haven't forgotten the appliance on

  - As a preventive measure against thieves by controlling the switching on/off of lamps to simulate that we are at home

The smart adapter of Dedal Company can be seen in Hall 4, Stand A1.