Prefabricated houses with rye straw eco-panels  

At the architectural and construction week visitors will learn more about the option to construct prefabricated houses from the Lithuanian straw panels "ECOCON", Veselin Moskov from Barbali EOOD commented.

Up to 99% of natural materials are used. These prefabricated houses are constructed with pre-made panels as per a design; they have a carrying function. They are resistant to earthquake,  fires; they are easily applicable for different designs. What more can a customer wish for in addition to a quick "turnkey" installation within up to 2 months.

A high thermal mass is achieved in combination with clay plasters, without thermal bridges. They are tested and EU certified, and also hold a passive house energy certificate A + + +.

Prefabricated houses create a healthy, comfortable and sustainable environment. The biggest advantages are completely 100% breathable walls, healthy environment, coziness and warmth, modern design.

What else? Best possible thermal insulation U factor: 0.11 W/m2K. The accompanying natural materials for the finishing works on the house are clay, cane, wood, stone, hemp, natural oils for impregnation, cellulose insulation, linen insulation, Tadelakt…

 The double wooden frame used in the panels enables construction of buildings up to 2-3 floors, however there are some exceptions, i.e. 4-5 floors.

When selecting your prefabricated house, it is important to know that the Lithuanian straw panels "ECOCON" freely let the internal moisture through, and it is not retained in the panel.

Warm air does not pass through the membrane and comes back. The system does not allow the passage of cold air and moisture from the outside.

Prefabricated houses, built with eco-panels from rye straw are completely made from natural materials - wood and straw. They are energy efficient, naturally breathable, have high sound insulating properties, and do not attract insects and rodents. The service life of such a house is 100 years.

You can learn more about the advantages of these prefabricated houses in Hall 2, Stand D13.