Modular construction system from softwood STEKO®

The modular construction system STEKO® is a revolutionary Swiss technology developed in 1997 by professor Anton Steurer and architect Josef Kolb. The system has been tested and analyzed multiple times before being introduced as an alternative means of building (the ETH in Zurich has taken part in the testing of its durability).

On Architecture-building Week, in Hall 2, State B11, STEKO® will be presented by the construction and consulting company BOEL. STEKO® is approved by Germany and is being used there – the country with one of the highest construction standards in the world (Certificate number: Z-9.1 464).

All wall elements are 160mm thick. The bricks are 320mm or 240mm in height, while their length varies (640mm, 480mm, 320mm or 160mm). The system consists of beams, bricks,  thresholds, etc., thus it allows the erection of a solid, wooden building, the looks and functions of which, satisfies even the most demanding client. The walls of this modular construction system can be filled with three types of finish layers – a visible one, one that is covered entirely by another type of finish layer or a combination of both. New ways of building results in new ways of thinking.

The aim of the STEKO® system is the building of passive houses. It allows the construction of partition walls or decorative ones leaving zero non-recycable waste behind. This is a revolutionary solution for a better life. It has never been so easy, qualitatively, eco-friendly and healthy to build.

Customer benefits

The Swiss system STEKO® is designed to guarantee and combine the solidity and longevity of a massive building and the warmth and comfort of wood. One of the many benefits and certainly a very important one is the fast pace and simplicity with which one can build a house. The building process is between 3 and 10 days, depending on the amount of floors demanded. Building has never been more environmentally friendly. Usually, in the conventional ways of constructing a huge amount of non-recycable waste is being produced, while with STEKO® this waste has been reduced to a small amount of recycable sawdust, which can be later used for the green areas surrounding the building. Moreover, your new STEKO® home can always be expanded, changed or even moved – endless possibilities for a better home and a better life!