Remotely controlled pergola

Technology is a leading element in every aspect of modern life. This is no exception for the structures contributing for the provision of comfort, protection and convenience.

Remote control is also leading component for the mobile pergola, which the company Stoilov and Co. will present at the Architectural and Construction Week 2020. Painted in RAL colors, it has aluminum lamellas. The elements are opened and closed with an electric motor through a button or from a remote control.

The lamellas are aluminium, ribbed and with rubber gasket. The properties of the pergola make it enough strong, thanks to which it can withstand snow cover. Therefore it is suitable for protection in open areas against sun, rain, snow and wind, including: open terraces, car parks, catering facilities, etc.

Stoilov and Co. will present their remote-controlled pergola in Hall 2, Stand C1.