Float cabin and salt room with halogenarator from SPA CREATIVE

Featuring attractive design and professional water purification system. In it you can spend a swimming session with different duration. This is the float cabin that SPA CREATIVE will present to to.

At the beginning and end of the procedure the cabin provides to the customer light-, sound- and aromatherapy with preset parameters. The crystal clear and hygienic salt water contains 30% magnesium sulphate. Flotation enriched with Epsom salts helps for various conditions, pains, stress and depression, sleep disorders, exhaustion, etc. "It is expected that one hour stay in the bath is equivalent to four hours of healthy sleep", commented from the company.

Salt Room

The modern technology of a halogenerator in the salt room provides a therapeutic microclimate, close to the one in the salt caves, the pine forests and the sea shore. The therapy improves health and lifestyle.

Who are they suitable for?

The float cabin and the salt room are preferred by SPA and WELLNESS centers, beauty salons, hotels, sports facilities and gyms, hospices and health care centers for prevention and rehabilitation. "By investing in innovative and relaxing services, the hotels can change their category and improve their occupancy rate", the experts commented. These procedures are preferred by athletes, sportspersons ,  people who are busy running their business and many others.

The float cabin and the salt room with halogenerator from SPA CREATIVE will be exhibited in Hall 1, Stand А10.