Italian Pava Resine resinous coatings reveal their qualities

The Italian Pava Resine resinous coatings are used for ornamental and industrial floors, swimming pools and many other applications. The qualities of the product from the Apennines will be presented to us by Bonita Effect at the exhibition Architectural and Construction week 2020.

Pava Resine can be used in many sectors of construction industry. One of their applications are the decorative floors and the area of self-leveling coatings, imitating cement and transparent epoxy resin. In the sector of "Industrial floors" it is used in anti-dust, thin film and thick-layer coatings, decorative coatings and horizontal markings. Professionals use Pava Resine also for the production of binding elastic coatings, decorative and industrial walls and waterproofing (polymer and artificial coatings).

The qualities of the product make it a rational choice also for the restoration of concrete, wood and steel. Using these resins certificate coatings for the food industry can be created and swimming pools covers can be built. Pava Resine can find application in the industrial sector – for industrial coatings because they are suitable for industrial floors, warehouses, workshops, garages, underground parking lots, fitness facilities, swimming pools, recreation areas, offices, shops, operating theaters, etc.

"Pava Resine offers extremely fast solutions and long-lasting solutions based on epoxy and polyester resins with 40 years of experience and research and development activity", shared from Bonita Effect.

The construction sector also benefits from the qualities of the product for the construction of decorative coatings for floors and walls of homes, offices, and hotels both at the construction phase and for restructuring or renovation of interior surfaces.

Italian resinous coatings possess quality certificates EN ISO 9001-2000, ENCOPER R-102 (suitable for contact with foods (EEC), flammability, encapsulation asbestos, films resinous antibacterial, anti-slip surfaces). Presented by Bonita Effect, Pava Resine we will be exhibited in Hall 1, Stand A6.